Character Animations

Character AnimationsConceptFactsConcept As part of Antiworld, it was our task to develop  a character with a full rigg and animations. I created to characters that represent the civilization in Antiworld, my concept was that their role in society becomes their appearence. Therefore, the male ones have bucket heads, they are the tribe's collectors, the female [...]

Character Design

Character DesignConceptConcept Character design is a continuous process. From time to time, I can invest a little bit into it. 0%from time to time

Concept Art

Concept ArtConceptFactsConcept Making some concepts from time to time (if there is any) helps activating my imagination. It's a very fun process. Facts This are some selected works that are a little more than sketches. 0continuous process0selected works

Tribal Wars

Tribal WarsConceptFactsConcept Tribal Wars is a series of mock ups for a fictional game were you would control a fully animated tribal-worm that tries to hunt down other tribal-worms. Facts This exercise was part of a visuals module during the 1st semester of my Bachelor studies. 0different mock ups0days

Infographic Rollercoaster Tycoon 3

Infographics Rollercoaster Tycoon 3ConceptFactsConcept As part of a game analysis at the end of the 2nd Semester of my Bachelor studies, those infographics were mean't to help understanding the game mechanics of Rollercoaster Tycoon 3. Facts This game analysis was a colaboration with Julian Schönbächler. It was fun, we love Rollercoaster Games... 0info graphics0pages


CompassConceptFactsConcept This Compass was another logo for a small company. Facts This is a small work that took 2-3 hours. 0hdevelopment time0 %finished

Bellevue Riken Logo

Bellevue Riken LogoConceptFactsConcept The Bellevue Riken logo is a result of a long process that took over 16 iterations. The result is a reduced form that uses 5 exact colors that get re-used on the website ( Facts First, there was a 3D Modell of three "8" merging into each other. That model then got [...]

Lily & Rose

Lily & RoseConceptFactsConcept Lily & Rose was a concept for a logo that a small theatre group needed. Using a water color style, it became more of an illustration than a reduced logo. Facts This graphic is just one step of the process, it changed completely afterwards. 0hdevelopment time0different variations

Jugendarbeit Lotten

Jugendarbeit LottenConceptFactsConcept This website includes multiple image galeries, contact forms and past/future events with calendar. A simple design with a clear colortheme was what they asked for. Facts This website was a contract work for a youth organisation work in lenzburg. 0sub pages0galeries0 hdevelopment time

Bellevue Riken

Bellevue RikenConceptFactsConcept This website has a greenish colortheme, and focus of lots of pictures (shot by me) to give some insights. It's concept is a multipurpose offering platform with an additional shop for lotions and herbal essences. Facts This website contains a shop, customer login & accounts, different product categories and lots of individual pictures. [...]